Fodder prices

Fodder prices for chickens, broiler chickens, quails, piglets, pigs, sows, cattle, dairy and milking cows, calves, heifers, bulls, repair (tribal) young. Fodder delivery throughout Ukraine and abroad.

Fodder prices are in UAH per tonne on EXW 

(urban-type settlement Erki, Katerinopolsky district, Cherkasy region, Ukraine)


Fodder for Broilers (from 01.11.2017 up to 30.11.2017)

Recipe Period Bulk Packed
1 PRESTART Chickens broilers aged 1-4 days specify
2 START Chickens broilers aged 1-8 days specify specify
3 GROWER Chickens broilers aged 9-17 days specify specify
4 FINISH 1 Hens broilers aged 18-25 days specify specify
5 FINISH 2 Hens broilers aged 26-40 days specify

 Fodder for pigs (from 01.11.2017 up to 30.11.2017)

Recipe Period Bulk Packed
1 SK-1 BROOD sow specify specify
2 SK-2 LACTATING sow specify specify
3 SK-3 SUPERSTART sow specify specify
4 SK-4 PRESTART piglets 11-25 kg, aged 41-70 days specify specify
5 SK-5 START piglets 26-45 kg, aged 71-105 days specify specify
6 SK-6 GROW pigs 46-90 kg, aged 106-190 days specify specify

Fodder for cattle (from 01.11.2017 up to 30.11.2017)  

Recipe Period Bulk Packed
1 K62-1 START calves specify specify
2 K64-1 young specify specify
3 K65-1 feeding specify specify
4 K60-1 dairy cows
specify specify
5 K60-2 deadwood specify specify

Fodder for quails (from 01.11.2017 up to 30.11.2017)

Recipe Period Bulk Packed
1 PPK 8-1 START quails (G) specify specify
2 PPK 8-2 GROW quails (G) specify specify
3 PPK 8-3 quails laying hens (G)
specify specify


Source: the Agrocapital Ukraine

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